About Us

The musical bond dates back to Johnny & Coax' high school days, and their partnership evolved as they ventured into acoustic performances. Linzy, a talented vocalist, joined forces with Coax, adding her incredible voice to the mix. 

With the inclusion of Hallagan on keys, Doug on saxophone, Dan on bass, and Joe on drums, the band transformed into the versatile powerhouse known as "Coax & Folks." 

From open mic nights to unforgettable weddings and corporate gatherings, we've been crafting cherished memories through music, and we're here to set the perfect stage for your celebration!

Our Journey Begins:

Coax and Johnny's musical journey started back in their high school days at St. Rita on Chicago's south side. It was during this time that their paths crossed, with Johnny already a part of the alternative rock band "My Friend Ken" and Coax a member of "Deuce," a funk-rock band, featuring the talents of Mike Hallagan on keys.

Acoustic Beginnings:

Their musical collaboration began with intimate acoustic shows, as Coax was also part of the acoustic duo "Eric & Coax," alongside Eric Ortiz. Coax's involvement with the band "Rendition" marked another milestone in his musical career. However, the duo "Johnny & Coax" emerged as the next step. 

Harmonizing with Blue Island's Finest: 

Amidst their musical journey, a remarkable chapter unfolded as Johnny & Coax took the stage every Thursday at Stash Leahy's in Blue Island. Week after week, their beloved fans filled the venue, making unforgettable nights that continue to reverberate to this day, a testament to lifelong friendships and the power of music.  

A Winning Connection:

Johnny's path to Linzy was unique, as they initially met during a talent show at Saint Xavier College, where Linzy took first place, and Johnny secured second place. Linzy was already known for her performances with the band "Last Call." A mutual friend eventually introduced Linzy to Coax, setting the stage for their collaboration.

From Open Mic Nights to a Duo:

Their musical journey continued to evolve when they performed at open mic nights, hosted by "Chuck and John" at Quigley's. Linzy and Coax's acoustic duo quickly gained momentum, captivating audiences with their harmonious melodies and magnetic stage presence.

Strengthening the Lineup:

As the band continued to grow, they welcomed Doug Daniels, a seasoned saxophonist with an impressive track record. Doug quickly became a fan favorite and added a new dimension to the band's sound.

The Bass Groove:

Dan Waddell joined the band as the bass player, bringing his expertise to the mix after Anthony Priore's departure. Fate played its part as Dan was initially filling in for the band "Railroad Gin" at none other than Quigley's when Coax first saw Dan perform.  Later Coax extended the invitation for him to become a permanent member of the band."  

Rhythm and Percussion:

The band's drumming seat has seen a few talented individuals over the years. Chris Daum served as the original drummer, followed by Frankie Harchut, who has since taken his skills to the band Seventh Heaven. Joe Arteaga, a well-established drummer known for his performances with top local bands, is the latest addition to the Coax & Folks lineup.

The Birth of Coax & Folks:

With the inclusion of Linzy, Doug, Dan, and Joe, the band's name evolved from "Johnny & Coax" to the dynamic "Coax & Folks," reflecting the diverse and talented ensemble that now graces stages and events, delivering unforgettable musical experiences.

Meet our talented lineup:




Dan Waddell/Bass

Mike Hallagan/Keys

Doug Daniels/Sax

Joe Arteaga/Drums